Open for lessons again as of September 2022.

Musicworks school offers professional music instruction in a friendly atmosphere. Most of our teachers have a degree in music, all have years of experience and everyone is here because they truly enjoy teaching.  We strive to work with our students to set short and long term goals as well as maintain excellent communication to ensure a positive experience.

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Classes and workshops

Band – Adult Concert Band/Orchestra

Wednesdays 11-12 with Roberta Archibald

Roberta leads a welcoming concert band with strings for beginner to intermediate players who wish to join an inclusive and fun experience making music together.

Total beginners will require a month or so of private lessons before joining the group. Currently, the group is following the Standard of Excellence Blue Book as well as other selected pieces.

Cost $40/month. Instrument Rentals Available.
For more information contact Wendy [at]

Concert Band – Home School

Planned for Wednesdays 10-11 with Roberta Archibald

Musicworks is hoping to begin a concert band [brass, woodwinds and percussion] for homeschoolers on Wednesday mornings from 10-11. We will continue a waiting list until we have a minimum of 10 players. As the group grows they will have the opportunity to overlap with the adult band and play together. Please contact Wendy [at] for more information or to join the list

This Concert Band would begin with the Standard of Excellence Red Book. More advanced players would be welcome to stay and play with the Adult band.

Cost $40/month. Instrument Rentals Available.
For more information contact Wendy [at]

Current Teachers

Trevor Lubin

Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Banjo, Ukulele.

Trevor has a special ability to bring out the best in each of his students regardless of age. He creates a personal curriculum based on each students goals and interests; working with first time students as easily as mature professional musicians looking to expand and improve their skills. Trevor is able to bring groups together synergistically and works with garage bands of all ages. Trevor is also a regularly gigging musician in the Ottawa scene. 

Available Mondays & Tuesdays
Private Lessons $120/month

Emily Wallace

Piano to gr5 RCM, Intermediate Fiddle and Violin.

Hi there! My name is Emily and I’m an Ottawa-born musician with over 15 years of experience performing violin and piano. I’ve been teaching privately since 2012 and I welcome students of all ages and capabilities.

I focus my lessons on my student’s personal growth by helping them develop a deeper and more meaningful connection to music along with improving their skills. I am very energetic, friendly, and patient, and I am ready to help you make your musical dreams a reality.

Available Wednesdays & Thursdays
Private Lessons $120/month

Roberta Archibald

Advanced Brass, Beginner: Woodwinds, Piano, Guitar

I have been involved with music my entire life! I began with piano and moved on to playing cornet/ trumpet in concert band. Presently, I perform regularly in many concert bands, jazz bands, small combos and my husband and I have a Duo called “Serenade and Swing” which specializes in light classical and jazz music.

I am passionate about teaching anyone who loves music and wants to explore it! This includes young children just beginning their journey in music, to those already studying music in school, as well as adults and seniors who enjoy music and the social aspect of participating in group ensembles.

Available Fridays
Private Lessons $120/month

Sandra Powell

Advanced Piano, Organ and Harpsichord.

Sandra Powell studied at  L’École de musique Vincent-d’Indy a French music school and now College offering music education from the beginner to the adult. Then completing a Professional Piano Music Degree at Marianopolis College in Montreal. Throughout Sandra Powell’s music studies for over 11 years her piano teacher, renowned Maitre Paul Loyonnet instilled the piano technique of Sieveking. 

Maître Pail Loyonnet pianist, author and Professor of Music. He studied at the Conservatory of Paris, France, awarded the Canadian Council Music Medal in Canada and his impressive concert touring throughout Europe and Canada Inspired many great concert pianists not only in Canada but throughout the world. My music education also included studying the tracker organ and harpsichord.

But my greatest dream is to share my love of music with all ages, as I remember so fondly my first piano lesson at 9 years old with my teacher.

Available by appointment

Fern Marwood

Beginner and Intermediate Fiddle 
Beginner 4 string Irish Tenor Banjo.

Sharing my passion for Celtic music by teaching is important to me because it can take so many forms as a broad group of music with no set way it should sound, more of a feeling, a way to connect through music. I want to help a new generation of fiddlers discover the magic of celtic music.

I was enjoying teaching at Musicworks prior to covid, enjoying helping students to achieve solid basic skills that build confidence while having a lot of fun making music. Its great to be back

I have been playing fiddle with joy for sixteen years while  studying locally with Victor Maltby and Cindy Thomson as well as playing in the Blue Skies Community Fiddle Orchestra.  Currently I am in two bands, The Receivers and   Broken Bridges who’s 2021 album was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award.   

I studied the Irish tenor Banjo with Bruce Barton for years  and every summer with  Koady Chaisson in PEI.

next Available: Spring 2023

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